Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach a wide audience. It is now considered the heartbeat of the internet. People scroll their social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, through their phone screens for more than 10 hours daily. If your business doesn’t pop on their screen, you are missing out a lot. That’s why we are here for you. Logic Designs is of the best social media companies in Dubai. Social Media Marketing involves creating and sharing a company’s content and promoting new services on various social media platforms. This helps a company get more attention and traffic by sharing videos, photos, or posts. Social Media in Dubai is one of the most popular tools of advertisement. We help our clients do so by offering creative ideas that reach specific target audience. This ensures that the client reaches his/her intended goals.

How do we do this?

• Create a social media strategy: Setting a target audience, knowing how often and why they would use social media, what image do you want them to see, and posting frequently offering valuable information your customers would want to see.

• Promoting new services or products: Once you build loyal followers to your social media platform, you can start sharing with them all your new ideas and make them share your excitement.

• Help manage your business-customer relationship: having a research and development team to keep up with all the reviews and feedbacks. After all it’s never about the start, persistence is your key to success.

• Design and run campaigns: sometimes you need to use paid social media advertising for your major events. This will need a creative campaign which we will make sure is there.

• Track social media ads: knowing who you are competing with ensures you stay on top of them all.

• Manage all social media platforms: why stay on one when you can simply be on all.Creating an efficient social media strategy will help you emerge quickly amongst your competitors and stay on top. First, we will know whom your target audience is : their age group, how often do they check social media, their favorite applications, what appeals most to them, etc. Then we will start by knowing who influences them the most. This will be accurately achieved by checking all essential demographics as sex, residency, income, and level of education. Reaching your audience through an influencer whom they love and trust their choice is an immediate boost. Giving them offers each now and then also works magic. After reaching your audience, we make sure the content offered is eye attractive and provides all the essential information you want to deliver.

After creating a loyal audience, you can start introducing new products or services. This can be done using various methods as videos, photos, gifs, or simply memes! Our team contains the most creative members you will ever meet, offering new ideas for demonstrating products that will blow your mind off. In Logic Designs, your audience will not only show interest in your company but also tag a few friends to share their excitement with and that means new customers.

Persistence is the key to success. In Logic Designs, we make sure that you not only reach the top but also remain there. This is achieved by constantly checking the metrics. Knowing who visits your websites and how often they stay there is your guide on how to update your content and the way you show it. Also checking reviews, feedbacks, and offering a friendly customer services will draw a smile on your customer’s face. Creating a strong bond with your customers is essential for success. It also helps spread the word about how decent your team is. All this and more are taken into consideration by our team members who are constantly behind your back.

Breaking the routine with a major or special event is an imminent matter. Handling the event from A to Z is a piece of cake for our team. All from creating an eye catching banner to writing an awesome to the point description is professionally handled at Logic Designs. Tracking social media ads helps you know who your competitors are and how to face them. We update your website up to the customer’s demands to make sure no one steals the spotlight from your company.

Last step in your strategy is tracking your progress. Having a bird’s-eye-view of your social media activity helps put things into perspective. Checking how your hashtags are performing is important : you have to make sure you are always improving. Offering creative ideas and new ways to show your products is as essential. Posting at the best time to engage will make sure your customers check your products. At Logic Designs, we put a strategy that perfectly tracks your social media marketing strategy making sure your always the cherry on top. Our company is of the best social media companies in Dubai. It’s an option you definitely don’t want to miss.

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