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Why Logic Designs .. ??

Logic Designs Digital Agency was established in 2011 based in Cairo, Egypt and in Dubai , UAE, and Riyad, KSA. We are specialized in Web Design, Web Development Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Application, Web Hosting, Corporate Identity and SEO. Logic Designs Digital Agency team is obliged to offer basic and creative ideas and solutions to improve your own business.

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Web Design

Web Design is simply what Logic Designs masters. We create tailored and responsive websites by coordinating with the clients to meet their business needs and personal imagination through our premium design.

E-markting & Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the process of getting more traffic or attention, creating online presence, establishing brand identity and promoting new services through various social media platforms.

Social Video Production

Social media videos are nowadays crucial as they help brands reach their targeted audiences. Using social media videos could increase a brand’s conversion rate up to 30%.

Mobile Application

Logic Designs Digital Agency is also specialized in mobile application development field as we plan, design, develop and create fast-loading mobile applications that match your strategies to address your potential audience.

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Why Choose Us

We believe that making a lasting experiences are the best way to connect with your customers. by creating web presence to digital marketing strategies, we figure that the custom solutions we create today will cut across the trends of tomorrow. regardless your product or service, you have a story to tell. And, we’re the best online marketing agency to tell it.

220 Clients

160 Projects

840 Cup Of Coffe

7 Experience

Our Services

Web Design & Development

If you are searching for the master of web design, then search no more. you have reached. Web Design is simply what our company masters.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach a wide audience. People scroll through their social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, for more than 10 hours.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications make things easier for customers as they can accomplish them during a busy traffic light or at home while drinking...etc.

online marketing companies in saudi arabia

Online Marketing

Online marketing is very powerful nowadays that some companies depend solely on it to gain their customers.That’s why you need an experienced company to make sure you are at the top of the search and offer credible interesting content.

Design & Branding

A company’s logo is the first thing a customers lays eyes on when checking a website. A creative logo that’s easy to comprehend and attractive colors puts a smile on a customer’s face.


we make sure each click your customer makes leads to your website. Our team makes sure your website is one of the top that appear in any search related to your field of work.

Social Video Production

Social media videos are nowadays crucial as they help brands reach their targeted audiences. Using social media videos could increase a brand’s conversion rate up to 30%.

Motion Graphics

Logic designs can spice up your website with incredible motion graphics, may these be animations, 3D graphics, or a lot more, Our goal is to make digital solutions that really make a difference.

Web Hosting

You don’t want a slow website nor does your customers. A slow website equals an immediate customer loss. At Logic designs, we offer Web Hosting services that have a extreme speed at reasonable prices.

Content Creation

We work with you to make a strong content marketing strategy that covers your goals you and goes in parallel with your objectives. Creating engaging content that is suitable for the target audience.

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